Incendiary go to Primavera Sound 20-26/5/13

Apparently there still exist those who consider Jason Pierce to have been the "talent" in Spacemen 3. There are still people who think the world is flat and TV soaps are real, too...

Incendiary speak to Pete Kember of Spectrum and Spaceman 3

just felt a need to get something new out that reflected what I'd been doing on tour in the last 3 years.

Spectrum, Hallo Venray, 19/03/10, Db’s, Utrecht

Of course this behemoth of sound didn’t end till every conceivable squeal could be wrung from the smoking, battered instruments

Incendiary go to Primavera Part 1

Further important human innovation is spotted down by the Vice Stage (which has moved to behind the ATP stage and as such is practically in the sea)... Pizza Cones. Yes, that's pizza toppings, in a bread cone like a savoury ice-cream. How did humanity make it this far without that?!

Spectrum, The Hare & Hounds, Birmingham, 20/02/09

I struggle to think of anyone I’ve seen make songs which are almost 20 years old seem so fresh and timeless.

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