Wendy McNeill

Wendy McNeill – For The Wolf A Good Meal

Like being in the White Witch’s troika with a load of booze & fags, or finding out that Julie Andrews was really into the Elevators, this mix of teasing and haughty permanent winter could be fun and who fancies being wholesome anyway?

Incendiary go to Haldern 2012 Part Two

“A guy crowdsurfs through a sea of balloons with a George Michael mask. This is Diagrams, this shouldn’t be happening. They’re going bananas and it seems Mr Michael impersonator isn’t ever going to come down”.

Incendiary speak to Wendy McNeill

Wendy McNeill – A Dreamer’s Guide to Hardcore Living

Top LP this, what with the highly attractive vocal parts, and the brilliantly simple instrumentation.

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