Plant Duw

Plant Duw – LLIWIAU

As ever with Plant Duw, melodies are strong and often take the lead role in dictating the track’s direction; and there are opalescent moments throughout...

Incubate 2012 - Part Two with Roy Wilkinson Nouveau Vélo Plant Duw and Paranoid Visions

Dekka held court magnificently, a huge presence, like the carved figurehead on the prow of some ship, with the two girl singers flanking him, like harpies giving him hell as he negotiated his way through a set that spat out anger and frustration at every turn.

Incendiary interview Plant Duw

When the Super Furries were huge, you had the absurd situation of bands from South Wales singing in the (very different) North Walian accent to sound more like Gruff Rhys.

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