Oldseed & Pino Plaza – Huiskamer concert, Jan Steen Straat Leiden 22/4/11

I’ve never seen a gig in a room with stuffed foxes before.

Incendiary interview Oldseed

The rule in Europe is that you finish your drink BEFORE you go into a bar.  In N.A. it's the other way around.  I am always amazed that such a simple change in thinking can have such a profound effect on the people you meet.

Tegendraads #3 (Final Edition) LVC, Leiden, 03/04/10

a rousing finale to what has been a spectacular musical and social success this last three years

Spoelstra, Oldseed, This Leo Sunrise - Linkse Kerk, Leiden 19/09/09

All in all a top night, made all the sweeter when Incendiary found themselves ranting on with nary a care in the world about Can and Mozart to an increasingly frenzied Oldseed…

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