British Sea Power

British Sea Power - The Decline of British Sea Power Reissue

Decline feels like a huge work of progress (and insight into a zeitgeist) that is now stranded.

British Sea Power - Bitterzoet, Amsterdam, 25th June 2013

it’s obvious British Sea Power are not the band they used to be. No. They’re better than that. Far better.

Incendiary look to find interesting things to do in Belgium. With British Sea Power.

On a scale of eccentricity I give us a 6 or 7. I’ve never really understood the concept of eccentricity myself. It’s a coverall for all kinds of things that could be better described.

British Sea Power - Machineries of Joy’s a band that have probably – after a good decade of high quality and often magical work, produced their best record yet.

British Sea Power, Melkweg – Amsterdam 5/10/11

What the feck does this band do to people?

Roy Wilkinson - Do It For Your Mum

The passages about Dad are tremendous. Especially the bit about Dad as the gatekeeper and proselytiser of the BSP revolution. His speech could mirror the kind of staccato commands given to the Red Guards in 1917-22.

Incendiary text British Sea Power

British Sea Power – Valhalla Dancehall

British Sea Power – Zeus EP

British Sea Power Down Under Part 2

Into the Wilderness with a feather up your arse

British Sea Power Down Under - Part 1

"…it won't be all crash-bang will it?"

British Sea Power – Man of Aran

...the grace and lightness of touch shown on tracks like Tiger King, Woman of Aran and The North Sound knock anything the likes of Sigur Ros (and similar atmospheric acts) have done into a cocked hat.

London Bulgarian Choir/ Film School/ British Sea Power: Roundhouse, Camden, 17/1

They (the fans) don’t know why the bulk of the music loving public are missing out on the worst kept secret that British Sea Power are pound for pound, the best band in the world. To reiterate – What a band! What a fucking band!

Incendiary do the OFF FESTIVAL: Slupna Park, Myslowice, Poland, 08/09/08 Part 2

"What would broken beat, new jazz or avant pop sound, if it was created behind the Iron Curtain in the 70s and 80s?" says the guide book. Frankly we dread to think, but we're intrigued.

Incendiary do the OFF FESTIVAL: Slupna Park, Myslowice, Poland, 08/09/08 Part 1

Indeed, what a performance! A man wanders onstage, reads a newspaper for a bit and then wanders off. A gimp-like thing in a black bodystocking and silver cape ballet dances around the band who by now have shifted into some delicious if rather camp early 80s style electropop. Where do we go from here?

A tale of three rivers: On the road with British Sea Power


Hamilton uses this new musical direction to do handstands and some idiot runs around with a plastic bag on his head. It’s all too much. Noble decides that the audience needs fruit and starts throwing apples and bananas at the residents of Cologne.


Incendiary interview British Sea Power - part one

"I was in the graveyard in Penrith, sitting on a grave and having a fag when this guy comes over..."

Incendiary interview British Sea Power - part two

"We are a psychedelic boy band.... "

British Sea Power – Krankenhaus

"Krankenhaus? is exactly as this band should sound; weird, loveable and belonging in a place utterly removed from the cynical machinations of the music industry. "

British Sea Power – Do You Like Rock Music?

And Praise Be! Listening to this album isn’t about passing an extra-curricular history exam; it’s about getting down, Stooges style. Laying down thy raincoat and grooving; as you surely will to A Trip Out, a song which boasts the most primal, most dumb-ass drumming outside of Ceremony.

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