Issue 08

Incendiary speak to Nick from Politburo

"I would consider the band circuit as being akin to concentric circles. To progress to the central circle, one would have to serve as a catamite to those bands who inhabit the loftier central ring. Petitioners into the mysteries of the music would suffer degradation upon degradation. In essence they would be tested and essentially striped of ego. This would result in the wheat being separated from the chaff. And, to boot, a heapful of sad souls who must opt for some employment more gainful to society."

Queen - Ga Ga?

Don't ever call Queen pretentious or I'll have a stand-up argument in the street with you

Letter from London May 2005

I blew my entire Incendiary stipend on a skeleton which used to belong to Who bassist, John Entwhistle.


The (long and winding) Story of Neu!

Apart from the next two albums I'm going to review in this article, Deluxe is quite possible the greatest Krautrock album of them all..

Dealing with Dutch phone companies

Don't mess with fucking fools. In fact, if you can avoid them outside the workplace, I would advise you to do so. Especially ones who go to Chicken Cottage.


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