Issue 10

Okay - High Road / Low Road

Two reviewers, two different albums, two different perspectives.

Digger and the Pussycats - Watch Yr Back

Although they're from Down Under, it's obvious to me that they've spent some time behind a Volvo on the Dutch highways.

The Tears - Here Come The Tears

It's everything you wanted from this reunion and more

The Duke Spirit - Cuts Across the Land

To be fair to Cuts Across the Land I will say that when the band click, they can be thunderous.

The Coral - the Invisible Invasion

Without doubt it is their best effort to date. It takes the experiments and borrowings of Nightfreak that little bit further, whilst adding a gravitas and richer, more emotive textures to their undoubted song writing ability.

Brakes - Give Blood

Give Blood in some ways is so simple it doesn't need all the other baggage. To mis-quote Mr Clinton, it's the songs, stupid. And these songs are incredibly strong.

The Jack Stafford Foundation - Exes

Bury St Edmunds is no place to raise sons they'll only grow old before time

The Alabama 3 - Outlaw

Outlaw is, by turns, funny, witty, irreverent and a slave to some rather loose-knit, loose-fit rhythms.

Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock & Roll

'Every girl that I see since, looks just like you when I squint'




Shukhar Collective - Taves Bahtalo!

It is absolutely bonkers, bananas, mad as a pheasant's wedding.

The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers

The perfect antidote to cynical rehashes of 80s music performed by pretty boys and girls styled to within an inch of their lives.


Brahm's 3rd Racket - Highlights of the Peloponnesian Wars

David Kemper (the guy responsible for creating the words and music contained in this here album) certainly has too much going on inside his little head than is safe for one person.

Incendiary interview Brakes

The story goes that on our rider we ask for four baby pigs dressed in racing jackets, so we can race them… But I think we could update it for four gerbils…

Incendiary interview CoCo Rosie

We use tea in a very naughty way. We get so high on tea. We get so fucked up on tea. We go in there (the tea shop) and just start screaming.

Letter from Glastonbury

on sunny afternoons, I like to drink wine, smoke grass – and fuck!

Incendiary interview Vive La Fete

The story goes that he died in his bath  - electroschock. I heard he was trying to change to lightbulb when he was in the shower.

Incendiary interview the Magic Numbers

Like a lot of people in this dog eat dog world, we’ve felt the ice-blood flowing through our veins melting like a polar cap every time we hear the perfect boy-girl harmonies created by the Magic Numbers.


Animal Collective - Spirit They're Gone Spirit They've Vanished/Naïve Melodies

This music makes our dogs run out of the room

The Back Catalogue of Talking Heads - Part Two

They were having to set themselves challenges and ultimately I don't think Byrne's heart was in it. How much time had he spent with the rest of the band since 1984? You could probably count it in terms of weeks.

Duran Duran - Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam 31/5/05

When John was about to be introduced someone in the audience threw a t-shirt on stage that said ‘Play The Fucking Bass John', (she'd probably been keeping it in her fanny pack)





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