Issue 11

Monade - A Few Steps More

It's very simple and its charms sneak up on you.

Goldrush - Ozona (Enhanced)

Pleasing and agreeable in nature.

Home No. 15 - 5

It's incredibly reminiscent of mid sixties garage, albeit a cleaned up garage (with all dad's tools put neatly in place).

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Paard van Troje, Den Haag, 18/07/05

Everything is sharp, every lick and riff are honed and every musical diversion has a suitably satisfying conclusion.

Teenage Fanclub - Man Made

TFC have always traded on soul-searching lyrics, which despite their honesty, usually have a very recuperative effect on this listener.

1966 and all that; Basil Kirchen & Henry Flynt

Kirchin, who lived in Hull for much of his life, was writing about the decline of the industrial north. He was observing ways of life that were vanishing.



1966 And All That


Basil Kirchin – Abstractions of the Industrial North

Henry Flynt and the Insurrections – I Don't Wanna


Incendiary interview the Decemberists

We don't use much drugs and when we drink too much we just get sleepy. It's sad, I know.

Letter from London August 2005

That's not to say there weren't the odd thing to catch your eye occasionally – one of George Harrison's guitars costing £70,000, a Sex Pistol's drum kit raising £15,000

Matthew Herbert - Plat du Jour

Herbert recreated the meal that Nigella Lawson cooked for George W Bush when he came over to Britain to meet with Blair. The meal was laid out in a field and then he drove a chieftan mk 10 battle tank over it.

David Pajo - Pajo

He is also one who has generally stayed below the critical radar. I guess that's where he is happiest – either that or he has some of the worst pr and marketing people in history.

Richard's Metropolis Review

Tom White joined us (replete with a pink silk scarf) and proceeded to taste the afore-mentioned liqueur with gusto and some abandon; eventually finding sanctuary on the verdant greensward.

Coldplay - Gelredrome, Arnhem

Richard Ashcroft, came on stage and sung boring songs for about half an hour. Everything he sung sounded the same and he kept repeating his own words, like an echo. 

Snoop Dogg - Ahoy, Rotterdam - 15/06/2005

Suffice to say some aspects of this gig have fuzzed in my aging memory banks.

Fall from Grace - Primal Scream

Maybe I'm missing the point?

MDMP - Voltage

Absurdly simple and basic in its creation, it is absolutely fucking briliant.


His hair is dyed an unseemly shade of metallic yellow, and his clothes look like they have been stolen from the deceased.

Werfpop festival, Leidsehout - 10/07/05

Mr Bits, dressed modestly in white, played his casio with a series of jerky, saucy manouevres, allowing me to fantasize about George Formby playing Blackpool Pier in the ‘thirties.

The Red Album - The Julie Mittens

As usual there are no track listings, and you the listener would be best advised to approach their music as if you were attending a classical or avant garde piece.


There are moments where you are drawn to compare Dig with that other great rockumentary, This is Spinal Tap. Except that this is no spoof.

The Back Catalogue of Talking Heads - Part Three

Byrne lays his cards on the table with Now I'm Your Mum. It's a ridiculously upbeat tune and runs through three or four different grooves before it finishes. It's packed with horns and Byrne's falsetto – after all, this is a song about having a sex change operation.

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