Issue 12

British Sea Power - Haldern Pop Festival, 5/08/2005

Other writers have, for the most part, depicted the following events as ones that verged on insanity. I wholly concur with their estimation. It was insane.

Letter From London; the Mercury Prize fall-out

It's a funny old game designed to provoke column inches – much as I'm doing now. 

John Francis & Imposters - The Earnest Manboy Suite in E Major

To be blunt this album is around thirteen minutes of music and five minutes of typing noises.



Mercury Rev - Paradiso, Amsterdam - 8/6/2005

An astonishing, awe inspiring journey.

The Immortal Lee County Killers 3 - These Bones will Rise to Love You Again

If last CD, 'Love Unbolts the Dark', was a meal at a four starrestaurant, this is a Jacobian feast.

Echo & The Bunnymen - Siberia

The album also has a rejuvenated feel to it, and as such, doesn't half give me the feeling that it closely resembles Crocodiles in spirit. 

The Haldern Pop Festival 2005 - Part 1

Oh yes, that's starting to look like a tent now

The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up - Picks Us Apart

The problem I now have is that I know why he sounds so bloody pissed-off, and I'm not convinced it's any of my business.

The Raveonettes - Pretty In Black

a musical gem

Richard Hawley - Coles Corner

There's something really special about Richard Hawley, but you have to really give him your time to appreciate it properly.

Nada Surf - The Weight is a Gift

A very fine piece of work indeed.

The Haldern Pop Festival 2005 - Part 2

As soon as the festival doors opened, so did the heavens

Incendiary talk to Nada Surf

"I took six months off from the record completely, just to deal with my life "

Incendiary Interview Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand

Anyway I'm shit at crosswords. I just think, so what? They are too insular a pastime for me. I always preferred Scrabble because it's much more social

Super Furry Animals - Love Kraft

Not perfect, sprawling, messy, very sentimental, a tad ill-disciplined but very close to greatness.

Stars - Set Yourself On Fire

a brilliant, honest and emotional portrayal of love in all its aspects, totally devoid of all mawkishness aor sentimentality

Mick Wall - John Peel

I'm sure every band didn't love him or that the relationship between Peel and the bands he championed wasn't always so respectful.

Stalking the Sisters of Mercy - 013 and Lokerse Feest, August 2005

I know the smoke is their trademark, and it sure does keep the mystery alive, but I would actually like to see the band I came for, especially when I've paid over €30,- to see them.

Subbacultcha! - Not Everybody's Compilation

On to the inspired Hospital Bombers (well they must be with a name like that) and their brilliant Kittens. Of course, it's bonkers.

Incidental Music and Additional Effects in BBC Television Programmes

That programme with Bill Oddie and Davina McCall is on, you know, the one about extreme sex in the animal kingdom. It's starting now

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