Issue 13

Animal Collective - Feels

I think Animal Collective are the making some of the most interesting, challenging and brilliant music around at the moment

Sufjan Stevens - Come on feel the Illinoise!

I'm reminded of the words of Voltaire, who, at the end of a lengthy letter to a friend apologised for his verbosity. He explained that he just hadn't had the time to make it shorter.

Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering

But fundamentally it is just a beautiful collection of songs.

Gram Rabbit - Music to Start a Cult To

Singer, Jesika van Rabbit sounds like a cross between pop divas such as Madonna and Gwen Steffani, but then again Gwen or Madge on mushrooms.

Sleater - Kinney - The Woods

The guitars grind, the drums clatter, and Tucker shrieks and shouts. There's no tune to speak of, just a huge outburst of uncontrollable energy and passion.

The Rakes - Capture/Release

Filled with more energy, excitement and verve than most of the albums that have been released this year

Pere Ubu - Patronaat, 16/9/05

Thomas sat down almost immediately with a great exhalation of air and smoke, as if someone had just punctured him, and the band struck up Texas Overture.

Incendiary interview Super Furry Animals

Gruff has experienced a fair degree of difficulty with the hotel's pretension of putting a spoon in his portion of nuts. He looks up bewhildered at me. “Erm… so what do you do with this then? Eat them like soup?

A day in the company of Mark E Smith

The usual British in Northern Europe scenario. I couldn't agree with you more Richard. You go and sit in a coffee shop all bloody day, and you know there's a cop van there. Anyway, you getting a drink in or what?

Get Him Eat Him - Geography Cones

I do love the way this band mess with tempo; one minute it's so slack and such fun, no beard stroking here.. (at least I sincerely hope not).




Get Him Eat Him - Geography Cones


Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better.

What with the Neanderthal drumming and the phasing effects, it could almost be the Sabs in their prime. Bloody hell, now there's a thought.

Pernice Bros - Pernice Bros

Dumb It Down is my favourite on the album, a real Crosby sing-by-numbers, but none the less charming for that.

Levy - Levy

Maybe they all need a good shag to wake them up.

The Fall - Fall Heads Roll

All in all, the best Fall album since, erm, the last one…



The Fall – Fall Heads Roll


Viva K - Viva K

opium dens, sleazy rock bars, dancing/twirling in the desert, summer garden keg parties with electro belly dancers, acid trips, doing nitrous, boogie-wiggling

Mick Harvey - Melkweg, 9/09/05

I am going to look a complete idiot here, but I failed to find out the support act's name





A rare treat we thought, a Mick Harvey solo show in the intimate Kleine Zaal... I'll readily admit I'm not a huge afficianado of his stuff, though I think his new album One Man's Treasure, is a belter and I do love his Serge Gainsbourg cover albums, especially Pink Elephants. No matter; when someone of Mr Harvey's pedigree is in town, afficianado or not, you are duty-bound to check him out.


The Muggs - The Muggs

The Muggs – coming to a pub near you soon

Queenadreena - Live at the ICA

Live at the ICA has a fine selection of distortion, muffling, crunches etc.. Most of which is there on purpose, to their credit.

All Tomorrows Parties: Don't Look Back (Mudhoney & Jon Spenser) Camden Koko - 16/9/05, 23/09/05

The Mudhoney set list in particular appeals to me, but, in essence this project is hijacking the trappings of other music, somehow making it just as valid an art form as an evening at the opera. 'Look at us, we grew up'.

B.C Camplight - Hide, Run Away

B.C Camplight's release has a giant squirrel eating the head of a business man, whilst helicopters circle angrily overhead. I'm sold.

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