Issue 14

Babyshambles - Down in Albion

No, the only wastrel who seems to me to bear any resemblance to Mr. Doherty is that other tabloid-loving dilettante, Sid Vicious, and just look what happened to him.

Morton Valence - Man on the Corner/Sailors

Morton Valence were recently billed as having "the greatest singing pervert since Serge Gainsborough" within their ranks. I am happy to report this is completely true.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Gliss Melweg, Amsterdam, Oude Zaal 3/11/05

In my politest New Yorkian, I said, “hey, if you want to talk, go to the FUCKING back, but I'm here for the concert.

Veda Hille - Return of the Kildeer

In addition, the instruments that are played on this work seem to have been assembled from various garden sheds.


Fiery Furnaces - Rehearsing My Choir

It is an album of almost unimaginable folly, of incredible indulgence?

Bring Your own Poison - The Rhythm Factory Sessions (Various)

Bring your own poison? Make mine a pint of bleach.

Incendiary Talk to A Hawk and a Hacksaw

There's no grass for cows to eat and there are big skies

Incendiary Talk to Sons and Daughters

Oh… I love Chai-Ovna

In Music We Trust (featuring the Rakes)

a man who resembled Jason King wandered onstage, clutching an acoustic guitar and accompanied by a girl who resembled the star of Der Neue Schulmadchen Report 2 Teil: Was Eltern den Schlaf Raubt

An Introduction to Patrick Wolf

Lycanthropy is a work of massive scope; it is the result of five years of song writing and is intended to showcase what an incredibly talented child can do.

Music in My Head - Paard van Troje, Den Haag 11 & 12/11/05

Singer Alec Onsworth had an awkward look on his face the whole show, but somehow it really worked, maybe he can only sing in his charmingly awkward way whilst making nervous looking faces.

Echo & the Bunnymen - Paradiso 8/11/05

You realise when hearing stuff like The Back of Love that the Bunnymen still retain their air of hypnotic, ethereal, abstract strangeness. It's like musical non-music if you see what I mean.

Sufjan Stevens and Animal Collective - The Paradiso, Amsterdam 27/10/05

Grass, incidentally, is Animal Collective's three-minute pop song – at least it would be if the chorus wasn't screamed.

DVD Review - Punk Attitude.

This is what makes up the bulk of the film: the British wave of punk bands, the fuss they caused in the UK, the catalyst they were in the US to impressionable young things like Henry Rollins. And this is what makes the film a bit of a disappointment for me.

Silver Jews - Tanglewood Numbers

Berman has been through some kind of personal hell. To quote Kinky Friedman, he spent the time so high that he needed a stepladder to scratch his ass.

DVD Review: Batman Begins

..things never seem to be quite so simple these days. Pubs have crèches in them, petrol stations try to be mini-supermarkets and so on: everything becomes blurred.

London Calling - Paradiso, Amsterdam - 4&5/11/05

I found myself casting my mind back to 1981, when, asked by my form teacher to put on a show for a class assembly, my friends and I decided to imitate the Human League. We did it in front of our class and it was fairly well received.

Bran Van 3000 - Glee and Discosis

Don't let me forget to mention their incredible cover art, a bambi-esque cartoon of a rabbit sniffing a young deer's butt.  It is absolute genius.

Moondog - The Viking of Sixth Avenue

"The solution, in Moondog's mind, was to dress up like a Viking and so he took to wearing a horned helmet and carrying a spear."

Incendiary interviews Martha Wainwright

You know how men are said to be controlled by tits and ass? I think it can be the same for women and it's sort of an obsession with the male genetalia and the power it can have over you if you're lonely or you need affection or attention or to get fucked or whatever – pardon my french...

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