Issue 26

Benni Hemm Hemm

There's a lot of music being made at the moment that incorporates brass but none, I suspect, which has put it to such central and good use.

Hallways of Always - Hallways of Always

This LP really should have a sticker saying “banjos and singing saws were used in the making of this recording”…

Incendiary interview James Mercer of The Shins

I met Johnny Marr (guitarist of The Smiths) recently, in Portland. He has joined a Portland band, so I met him at a BBQ, fucking Johnny Marr!

Inca Ore with Lemon Bear's Orchestra - The Birds in the Bushes.

As my father said when he was unwittingly (certainly unwillingly) exposed to the track Spine Milk, “it sounds like they had all their instruments pinched and went to the kitchen”

State X New Forms Festival - Paard van Troje 15&16/12/06

we head off to see the intriguingly named My Cat is an Alien, who hail from Italy and apparently do unspeakable things to guitars

Rob Crow - Living Well

 “All songs written, recorded, produced and played by Rob in his room except for some parts probably recorded at Zach's house whilst he was at lunch.”

The Long Blondes/De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid Rotown and the Paradiso, 5 & 6/12/06

Incendiary are instructed into the nefarious arts of necktie tying (bow tie for the gents and a style that shall henceforth be known as “The Jackson” for the ladies).


Club Kama Aina - Club Kama Aina

Be warned, at no point are volume levels raised; restraint and downtrodden charm are present right from the opening bars on Hotaru.

Brakes/Killers Paradiso 18/11/06

To paraphrase Mark E Smith, the audience are here to feel the wrath of Brandon Flowers' bombast.



Brakes/Killers Paradiso 18/11/06


Adrian Klumpes - Be Still

Very much in the school of Terry Riley, Be Still is an incredibly rewarding listen.

Incendiary interview Tapes & Tapes

The first record was made with the thought that no-one was listening, and that it was just something to put out in Minneapolis, with absolutely no sense of anticipation.

In the Country - Losing Stones, Collecting Bones.

I particularly enjoyed the drawing of the girl with a bloody great vole on her head. Well they are from Norway…

Thighpaulsandra - The Lepore Extrusion.

The remarkable sense of claustrophobic pressure in the piece lends a feeling that this is in some ways a soundtrack for a slaying myth

The Mountain Goats - Get Lonely

Get Lonely almost creeps into Blue Nile territory with introspective images and thoughts being played out over a musically sympathetic background

Black Cab - Jesus East

The gravelly Australian voice intoning the words of wisdom puts one in mind of bluff art critic Robert Hughes, (a scary thought indeed, as I for one don't need Robert Hughes going all New Age on me thank you very much…)

The Low Lows - Fire on the Bright Sky

Why couldn't they have done this earlier when my attention was flagging?


Aaron Stout - Queens Live in Caskets

If you like acid troubadours, you'll like this. Mercifully the styles are mixed up track by track, bringing a sense of freshness and inventiveness to the work.

The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse

Soon we leave the sunlit uplands for some doleful Canadian pessimism, which, to be honest, we've been expecting.

The Eternals - Heavy International

A lady with a Received Pronunciation accent tells us that “you are listening to Heavy International”. That's how this LP starts. Things are never as self-explanatory again.

Urlaub in Polen - Health and Welfare

A cod-heavy voice asks “tell does he love you/like the way I love you?” over an extremely Gothic backdrop. It is brilliant, funny and a teeny-weeny bit disturbing.

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