Issue 29

Daphne Oram - Oramics

The album is also a reminder of how we live in a rather dull world now. The advert for Kia Ora (not the one with the crows) is like a mutant form of dub jazz. And is great, obviously.

Incendiary interview the Happy Band of Japan

The Happy Band of Japan will go on for years. We've no plans to quit and become landscape gardeners or anything like that.




This month we caught up with Dan, from the The Happy Band of Japan, who make sensationally skewed pop. Here's what he had to say.


IN: To start with, you could tell us about how the Happy Band came together. Indeed, what is the happy Band of Japan?

Gruff Rhys - Candylion

Candylion sees him taking his muse to new heights; presenting it in a way that is more ebullient, more self assured. 

De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid - Blood on the Floor

Simply put, no Dutch band ever sounded like this. For a brief moment dNV really did burn bright as a creative force. Their shows were one-offs; extraordinary fusions of naivety, brilliance, disaster, truculence and vision.

Githead - Artpop

this Githead release has a sense of spiky intemperance and urgency; in fairness a quality that seems to be inherent in anything this band does


Help She Can't Swim - The Death of Nightlife

There is a restless intelligence at work here, and I don't think it's the sort of wilful and smug perversity that is often distressingly present in this sort of record.


65daysofstatic - The Destruction of Small Ideas

Never boring, never forced, always coming at you from an unexpected angle, this LP leaves a lot of its competitors standing.




65daysofstatic – The Destruction of Small Ideas

Incendiary spend some high times with the Sugarettes (part two)

I was going to say that I really hate cover bands, but seeing as Cox plays in a cover band I had better not say that too…

Brett Anderson - Brett Anderson

completely shatter all expectations you may have had for what you expected a Brett Anderson solo album would sound like.

High Jinks in Lowlands; Incendiary go on the road with Brakes (part two)

maybe it was the prospect of being forcibly snogged on our entrance by someone who seemed, in our befuddled state, to be Rodney Marsh in a dress

High Jinks in Lowlands; Incendiary go on the road with Brakes 8 - 11/03/07

Half an hour later and he was at our table telling us the same thing again before having a conversation with the door handle. Nothing like a babbling skinhead to sober you up before bedtime…

Incendiary interview Liverpool legend Yorkie, part two

Apart from looking after Shack we discovered a unique band from Kendal, in the Lake District called Seven Seals. 

Incendiary interview Liverpool legend Yorkie, part one

I had to pretend, on numerous occasions, to be in the Bunnymen. We would hear a rap on the door and it would be the police. I would run downstairs and switch Teardrops' keyboard player Paul Simpson's organ on and say I was The Bunnymen's keyboardist.

Incendiary spend some high times with the Sugarettes (part one)

She just runs her finger up and down a string, any string she fancies. One finger chords. When I come to the end of a song, I nod then she stops.

The Duke Spirit (supporting Incubus) Heineken Music Hall 16/03/07

The audience sways and groans in approval, a mass congregation of the mildly discontent. Incubus's music sounds like a million teenage spots bursting, spilling their detritus in a torrent of gloop.



The Duke Spirit (supporting Incubus) Heineken Music Hall 16/03/07


Alex Delivery - Star Destroyer

This is a weird but utterly brilliant record, and I'd encourage you to investigate without delay

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Some Loud Thunder

The Clap made one canny decision in hiring Dave Fridmann as producer. Although it doesn't necessarily seem that way on the opening track. Some Loud Thunder sounds like Mark E Smith might have been at the controls, not the mastermind behind The Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev.

Grinderman - Grinderman

Elsewhere in the song the priapic hero drinks panther piss and does terrible things to your good lady wife.

Panda Bear - Person Pitch

It would be tempting to see this album as something of a stopgap – something to tide us over till the main event. But that would be a mistake – Person Pitch is a cracking album in its own right.

CoCoRosie - The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn

The production gives this release a real kick into the stratosphere. It exemplifies the sound of a band ready to meet the general public head on.

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