Issue 32

Family Underground (with Stiff River), But God Created Woman; Sub 71 - 19/06/07

What other earthly reason would you want to actively spend time in a tiny, airless lumber room apart from the chance of seeing tremendous gigs?

Kurt Hagardorn - Ten Singles

this would probably fit snugly in between your Wilco and Gram Parsons albums

Earthling Society - Tears of Andromeda, Black Sails Against the Sky

Tears… starts like much of this LP, in a fairly disjointed but very beautiful way before sounding like some mad Gothic/Jim Stein outer-space opera.

Appie Kim, Pfaff, Moi Non Plus - Zaal 100, Amsterdam 29/06/07

Even the audience, replete in their “know it all ‘cos I'm in the media” Amsterdam confidence are impressed... of course they don't show it too much.

Incendiary have a nice cup of tea with 1990s

Jackie has always written good tunes, even back in the Yummy Furs, simple and really catchy.

Incendiary have a nice cup of tea with 1990s - Part Two

People in music industry have had it too good for too long.  Maybe if records sales suffer from downloading it will force bands to be more original and make better records.




The American Catastrophe - Excerpts from the broken bones choir

You may not want to read any further without letting a little daylight into the room.

Morningbell - Through the Belly of the Sea

YOU are the INTREPID EXPLORER! (Their caps, not mine)

1990s - Cookies

a basket of good eggs

John Shuttleworth - “With My Condiments” Sheffield Crucible 12/06/07

Have we really replaced God with John?

Fuck The Writer - Keeping the Aspidistra Flying

I'm not over keen on singer-songwriter efforts, (there are so bloody many of them after all) so - and hopefully I don't sound like a portentious nobber here - this review should give an indication of how strong it is as a release.

Metropolis, Rotterdam 2/07/07

The band did a good job in carrying the vibe (which always is a bit weird at Metropolis, maybe it's the profusion of pit bull terriers, but you can never really relax at this festival…)

Handsome Furs - Plague Park

I like the Handsome Furs, they've got something a leetle different about them (given the plethora of Canadian bands, duos and “interesting” / "found sounds" bands Incendiary has been inundated with this past twelvemonth)

Why The Smashing Pumpkins are now fuckin' AWFUL

What is Billy's obsession with having a fit bird on bass? As for the bloke – he might as well be my dad.

Video Hippos - Umbeast the Leash

The vocals are way down in the mix; it sounds like the singer has a sock pulled over his head.


Letter from Glastonbury

Unless our editor wants interviews with a bloke from 'Dirty Sanchez', or a BBC presenter then there's little reason to come here. Oh ... hang on. The Arctic Monkeys wander into the beer tent, a full day before they're headlining.



Sula Bassana and the Nasoni Pop Art Experimental Band Volume One

Everything I've heard of Sula Bassana makes me think of the Seeds, or Barrett's Floyd… albeit a stoned out of their mind Seeds and an almost comatose Barrett….

DJ Mayonnaise - Still Alive

Munjoy Moments has a great deal of textural shape-shifting and some very Krautrock synths (has he been listening to Cluster? I hope so)



Robyn Hitchcock (and a smidgeon of Patti Smith) - Paradiso - 10/06/07

There was one “soliloquy” about Patti Smith and a tarantula, and another about an orphan in space whose sole contact with planet Earth was a transistor radio playing the Doobie Brothers…


DØGNTANK - S/T (Brain Donor)

But this isn't a joke album in any way; nor is it an indulgent jam session or wig-out. It's a tight song-based album with the emphasis on great riffs and tunes.

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