Issue 36

Look Directly Into the Sun – China Pop

TooKoo’s demented Take Me Home is the best Franz Ferdinand rip-off I’ve ever heard, even pipping original inspiration Take Me Out for the screeching, slightly out of synch chorus.

British Sea Power – Do You Like Rock Music?

And Praise Be! Listening to this album isn’t about passing an extra-curricular history exam; it’s about getting down, Stooges style. Laying down thy raincoat and grooving; as you surely will to A Trip Out, a song which boasts the most primal, most dumb-ass drumming outside of Ceremony.

A Number of Small Things – Morr Singles collection 2001-2007.

Seavault’s take on Ultra Vivid Scene’s the Mercy Seat is near genius and Seabear’s version of Teenage Kicks is so ridiculously - but endearingly - inoffensive as to be almost beautiful.

Friska Viljor – Bravo

And another thing… what is it with the lyrics on these Nordic records? They’re always so heartbreakingly jumbled and emotional…

Pluramon – The Monstrous Surplus

Pluramon’s latest effort sounds pretty similar to the woozy anthems on Dreams Top Rock; scuzzy guitars wrestle and writhe and quiet breathless vocals attempt to cast spells on all who will listen.

A Serious Case of Inner Space… Incendiary worship at the feet of Can

Soon after the press conference breaks up for good. I find myself being politely (but quite surreally) handed a piece of cake by Holger Czukay.

Incendiary worship at the feet of Can - Part Two

I spot the widow of Michael Karoli pointing out his guitars to her children. “That’s dad’s guitar”… I wonder how she feels at all this.


Samara Lubelski - Parallel Suns

Another beautiful folk release is Parallel Suns, brimful of soft, beguiling music, even though opener Have you Seen the Colours is a spit for the Quo’s Pictures of Matchstick Men at times.

The Most Serene Republic – Population

The band just about stays the right side of pretentious by seeming to be utterly enthusiastic about anything and everything.

MV & EE with the Golden Road – Gettin’ Gone

Luckily the music matches the anticipation; this is as good a set of alternative, stumbling blues-rock as you’re likely to hear this twelvemonth and there’s the added bonus of J Mascis drumming here and there.

Sunburned Circle – The Blaze Game

My God, Sunburned Hand of the Man and Circle collaborating on a record; could you get more out there? I doubt it.

Complex Full of Phantoms – By The End Of Tonight/Tera Melos split

It also sounds like somebody has chucked a bag of robots into a river. I couldn’t ask for more.


Can's Inner Space Studio pictures; Rock n Pop Museum, Gronau

Here are some pictures taken on the opening of the Can's Inner Space studio exhibition at the RocknPop Museum in Gronau, (just over the Dutch border from Enschede). The installation runs until March 2008. A visit is highly recommended. 

Incendiary interview Jim White

In the spectrum of stupid ideas of how to finance a film, right there at the top is financing your film by driving a cab.  Oh lord! 

Incendiary interview Kevin Drew

We said to JR Mascis you can’t bring four amps, can you just bring two? There was a bit of a thing, but he came with two and then at the show he snuck a third one on. (Laughs..) It was really funny, like a little kid… “Oh sorry, I can’t play with less than three”.

Incendiary interview Blood Red Shoes

Actually we saw a false beard shop recently. In the window there was a woman’s face with a beard attached. Where was it? Bremen? Bremen was weird…

These New Puritans – Beat Pyramid

Beat Pyramid, by These New Puritans, endeavours to inhabit the same rarefied places as say Can, or a Nico LP; that is, the band wish to be answerable to no-one but themselves.

Nancy Elizabeth – Battle and Victory’s safe to assume that Nancy Elizabeth sees her lineage as stretching back to Acid Troubadours the Incredible String Band or Nick Drake.

Incendiary Magazine speaks to Air Cav

No, we don’t sound very ‘Manchestah’ – not the historical sound and certainly not like the current crop of bands from Manchester. We simply don’t have that clichéd Gallagher swagger, that faux-aggression that bands like The Courteeners play on continually which has actually become a bit dull; mainly because it’s become about ‘attitude’ and not the music.

Feu Thérèse – Ca Va Cogner

Oh, and quite why the band are depicted wearing nylon stockings over their heads on the back cover is anybody’s guess; I’d say there’s definitely a reason and a Utopian one at that.

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