Issue 41

Mr Gav’s July Grindcore Round up

The recording spread like wildfire across old school Geocities pages, all brimstone and bible quotes and spinnyskull.gifs. All in a day's work for sinister religious propaganda, with but one glaring downside... the recording was pants.

Mr Gav’s July Dancefloor roundup Part 2

If legends are to be believed, a young Spike, expressing zero interest in his father's workplace, taught himself to play on the railway lines. His cork-popping, banjo-wanking, tempo-shiftery opens a section of music which could be the one jazz band going bananas...


Mr Gav’s July Dancefloor roundup Part 2


Mr Gav’s July Dance-floor Round Up

...Goldie Locks, whose vocal might is enough to turn JJ Fad-esque skipping songs about Sainsbury’s into an apocalyptic wonkstep of the highest calibre (Exhibit B: "the kids ain't got nothing to do, messed up prime-minist-ah, no we're not hating on you but it's all pretty sinist-ah").

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