Issue 47

Bollywood Steel Guitar – Various

I’ve never thought: ‘I wish someone would put out a compilation of Bollywood songs done on the steel guitar.’ But on finding out that said album existed, I, like (Bongwater's) Ms Magnusson, moaned ‘I want one.’ And I damn well got myself one too.

The Bye Bye Blackbirds – Houses & Homes

well considered and very elegantly put together

Middle States - Happy Fun Party

Welcome to mix-tape rock and roll.

Roosbeef – Ze Willen Wel Je Hond Aaien Maar Niet Met Je Praten

If your train is late and you’re listening to this you’ll feel like it’s the end of the world.

Le Reno Amps – Tear It Open

dripping with more sweat than a couple of teenagers upstairs in a bedroom at a house party

Easter - Hob Talk

pretty much like standing at a bus stop in a blizzard with no hat on and waiting half an hour until you can get on the number 73 to warm your ears up

The Marching Band – Spark Large

Spark Large is very widescreen in its scope and application, and very warm in its overall feeling. It’s got a big Sufjan Stevens vibe to it, which is never a bad thing..

Action Beat – The Noise Band from Bletchley

...loads of topless blokes playing diverse instruments, whilst other topless blokes cavort on a giant green stegosaurus. I mean; bloody hell…

Max Tundra – Parallax Error Beheads You

It seems that both artist and label fear the ‘obvious’ comparisons with Tundra and Scritti Politti’s Green Gartside.

Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion

You know; if ever there was a band who pedalled fabulous, wide-screen, straight-down-the-line Beach Boys pop, it’s Animal Collective.

Death Sentence: Panda! –Insects Awaken

..equal measure Bow Bow Wow, the Magic Band and a children’s orchestra high on cola bottles.

Digital Leather, Pony Pack, Rats on Rafts: Exit, Rotterdam 30/01/09

Now, far be it from me to dismiss a band for such frivolous additions as headgear, but come on lads.

The Phantom Band – Checkmate Savage

This is a band with an inherent confidence gained from an obviously thorough musical knowledge; they can certainly play around with lots of influences whilst not blatantly ripping them off.

Franz Ferdinand – Tonight / Blood

...a close acquaintance pointed out that listening to this LP was akin to listening to a good Duran Duran, (in the sense of imagining for a moment Duran ever actually being any good).

Doddodo / Dimension X, The Luminaire, London, 16/12/08

...feral, button-cute Japanese lady in ragged daisydukes crouched on a tabletop pulling the same faces your dad makes while fiddling with the wires in the back of a television...

DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess Meets Her Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Labor

Heck, take it from a lazy cliche-spewing hack, for even a half-decent scope-out of today's indie music scene you pretty much need this.

D.A.F. /Luc van Acker Paradiso Amsterdam 24/01/09

Hanging around in old threads glumly shifting feet in the stinking and unventilated airport-style section for smokers, trying not to get eye contact with the smattering of heavily made up Goth/Industrial/Gay Rights types wasn’t what we’d hoped for.

Sub 071/WOTNXT Live in a Leiden Living Room: 25/01/09 Featuring …And the Bloody

What could be better than spending a cosy Sunday afternoon in a living room with some of the hip & wonderful on the Dutch alternative scene and see a couple of gigs?

Not Eurosonic: O’Ceallaigh’s, & Bar Pacific: Groningen 16 – 17/01/09

Unintentionally the international rugby (which appears on the Bar Pacific’s big screen behind the band) adds a unique backdrop to the gig. The moments where the music and the televised steaming, jousting man-flesh synchronise are what makes life worth living.

Incendiary interview Daily Bread

We are at music school, and 90% of the people there listen to Led Zeppelin, or some blues shit and they don’t want to make anything new. They only do guitar solos and drum solos and waste their time.

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