Issue 49

Doctors & Dealers – Lost Friends and New Found Habits

..listening to Lost Friends And New Found Habits is like stepping through the looking glass into a world that’s ever so familiar and yet completely different from our own. 

Russell Huie – Cheer The Bombs On

An ideal accompaniment to an evening cocktail, you could play much worse than Russell Huie when trying to entertain your dinner guests.

Greater California – All The Colors

Robert Gomez – Pine Sticks and Phosphorous

Robert Gomez isn’t trying to get your heart racing, but he is trying to make you feel better.

Hush Arbors – S/T

I suppose this LP is like Thunderclap Newman getting stuck in a lift with a very sedated Swell Maps and doing a hippy jam session…

Bob Dylan and his band – Heineken Music Hall April 10th 2009

Dylan, God bless him, has always done things his own way. So much so that you often get the impression that he really couldn’t give a monkeys as to what anybody thinks of him

The Rakes - Klang

Klang is a powerful, focused and extremely confident album

British Sea Power – Man of Aran

...the grace and lightness of touch shown on tracks like Tiger King, Woman of Aran and The North Sound knock anything the likes of Sigur Ros (and similar atmospheric acts) have done into a cocked hat.

Air Cav and Daniel Land and the Modern Painters – Sub 071 Leiden, Vera Groningen

By the time their tsunami of sound abated, the place was so overcrowded it felt like being back in the D.H.S.S. in the 1980’s.

Tegendraads Festival – LVC Leiden 04/04/09

This skinny lad, who looks like some 10 year old who’s undergone severe stretching courtesy of a medieval dungeon, used a laptop, an Emu card and a keyboard to create a ferocious noise which Incendiary just couldn’t get enough of.

King Creosote – Flick the Vs

The daft union of brass and wibbly electronics in the intro sets up a breezy song of lust which should have Neil Hanlon drooling.

These Are Powers – All Aboard Future

Sometimes I am reminded of PiL at their most pushy, (Double Double Yolk) at other times Health at their most enjoyable. I also see they are enthusiastically compared to Throbbing Gristle, and yes, I can see that too.

Godspunk - Volume Seven

Blackpool’s greatest set of avant garde music poets compile yet another brilliant CD choc-full of punk & outré tunes to satisfy every taste.

Lotus Plaza – The Floodlight Collective

...imagine playing two copies of the Ultra Vivid Scene LP at pretty much the same time.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone ‘vs Children’

Perhaps he’s lost the batteries, but the keyboards are mostly absent from this new release by Owen Ashworth

Psychic Ills – Mirror Eye

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys spaced out psychic vibes fit for a summer’s evening, you could do a lot worse than check this disc out.

Beirut - March of the Zapotec and Real People: Holland

A curious one this, an album of two seemingly unrelated parts.

Super Furry Animals - Dark Days /Light Years

I’ve said it before but this lot are a treasure, a once in a generation band.

Charles Spearin – The Happiness Project

I love this record, it’s such a beautiful idea, and despite the fact that the whole thing’s cranky as hell, it is charm made music.

Junior Boys – Begone Dull Care

I like Junior Boys, even though at times they do go a bit soppy on your ass.

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