Issue 51

Neil Young - Antwerp, Sport Paleis - 6 June 2009

So was Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere which sounded as wonderful as I'm sure it did forty years ago. I've seen Neil play Old Man before, but the introduction of the band half way through brought the song to life in such a beautiful and unexpected way that it made a song that I'm more than overfamiliar with feel completely new.

Yo La Tengo - Bimhuis, Amsterdam - 11 June 2009

"What's your favourite sweater?" asks some cheeky bugger in the crowd. "We'll come back to that one. Maybe," said Ira smiling.

Guido Mobius – Gebirge

As with much of the great stuff that Karaoke Kalk puts out, it is genius pop music for a parallel (and more fun) universe than ours.

Incendiary introduce Rook and the Ravens

Even when covering Ohio the lads still somehow manage to musically surpass Young by miles..

Wolves in the Throne Room - Black Cascade

It’s a record which could draw in metal fans who were put off this sub-genre because of its history, as it really displays the true beauty of the music perfectly.

Sad Day For Puppets – Unknown Colours

As for Blue Skies, that one's so Sarah Records it almost had us wishing Incendiary was actually published on badly photocopied A5 and sold for 50p with a flexidisc from a rack next to the latest seven inch indie chart contenders.

Incendiary go to Primavera Part 1

Further important human innovation is spotted down by the Vice Stage (which has moved to behind the ATP stage and as such is practically in the sea)... Pizza Cones. Yes, that's pizza toppings, in a bread cone like a savoury ice-cream. How did humanity make it this far without that?!

Incendiary go to Primavera Part 2

Outside I succumb to the pizza cone. It's very wrong, sort of like savoury wallpaper paste stuffed down a dried-out baguette...

Incendiary go to Primavera Part 3

Deerhunter specialise in reverb-drenched fuzzed-up guitar bliss with all the stage-lights set to deep red, and sound vaguely reminiscent of Swervedriver, if you're old enough to remember Swervedriver. I am. Nice. Where am I again?, where I am, is... causing severe damage to my indie credentials.

Meanderthals – Desire Lines

Lasaron Highway is a Fassbinber-tastic slice of paranoid polished Cluster pie, what with the Sowiesoso sounds made disco, get that...

1990s – Kicks

At one point McKeown even uses the word chillax, for fuck’s sake.

Fight Like Apes – Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion

The album takes its name from a cartoon featuring Mr T from the A-Team. And I pity the fool who don’t dig this record.

Tom Allalone & the 78s – Major Sins pt.1

...whilst parts of this album wouldn’t feel out of place in the discography of those such as Vincent Vincent and the Villains, Allalone isn’t as assiduous a copyist as the tautonymic rock revivalists.

Gregg Kowalsky – Tape Chants

The easiest way I can think of describing it is by likening the music to looking at a Yves Klein KIB canvas.

The Von Bondies - Love, Hate and Then There’s You

I can’t help feeling that the people most likely to buy a Von Bondies album are exactly the type of person for whom ‘relevance’ is everything. 

Wooden Shijps - Dos

Dos rocks along almost like a minimalist rock album (a good thing) but doesn’t have the explosive power that great rock albums have.

Wintersleep - Welcome to the Night Sky

It's all a bit beige, a bit Dulux neutrals colour card...

Akron/Family – Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free

As ever, with Akron/Family, this year does deserve to be theirs. Set ‘Em Wild might not live up to Love Is Simple, but then very few albums could.

Seijiro Murayama, Jean-Luc Guionnet and a cast of hipsters - 05/06/09, Bar en Bo

As usual the Bar en Boos was its charmingly dilapidated self, (though the days when pissing in the canal seemed the healthier alternative to the unisex toilet have long gone).

Official Secrets Act (with Alex White) Paard van Troije, Den Haag 04/06/09

Official Secrets Act are a band who are all about pop, pop of the plaintive, yearning variety, pop that is popular with dreaming girls in bedrooms.

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