Issue 52

Incendiary take a stroll with Julian Cope -Part 5

I’m a rock’n’roller so I’ll get up at 6am and write straight through until 6pm and then get absolutely trashed.

Incendiary take a stroll with Julian Cope - Part 1

...there were twenty-five Slovakian motorcyclists in this Little Chef and every one of them just got up and legged it as soon as we walked in...

Incendiary go on a stroll with Julian Cope - Part 2

...Why didn’t you run with the popstar thing?

JC: Because I was surrounded by cunts...

Incendiary take a stroll with Julian Cope - Part 3

Julian Cope is lost. He went off on a mission to get some sandwiches, took a shortcut, made a U-turn and lost mobile phone contact with the crew.

Incendiary take a stroll with Julian Cope - Part 4

...If you set yourself up to put yourself on the edge of human experience what comes forth is your uber-human side. It’s just a fantastic feeling.

Werfpop festival, Leiden 12/07/09

Napalm Death? In Leiden? And a children’s choir?

Anthem In - The Cloudbursting EP

Imagine what it would be like if Interpol knew what it would be like to smile and wear something other than black?

Dark Knights of Camelot - Hurrication EP

There’s nothing remotely “Joy Division” about them, which is a refreshing turn of events in today’s rock marketplace and cause for celebration in itself

Kirk Hamilton - The Exited Door

so theatrical you expect it to have a curtain call half way through

Johnny Cola & the A Grades - The Yellow Mini

brash and confident, stylish and thoroughly entertaining

Megafaun - Gather, Form & Fly

the soundtrack to an American holiday I haven’t had yet

The Elvis Suicide - Sweethearts

They’re like a tequila slammer - fast, aggressive, kicks like a mule and makes you feel bloody fantastic for about a minute and a half.

Moonshine Crows - Cake is Done

They’re trying hard too, they’ve even got a kazoo.

Deaf Judges - All Rise

although the judges deliver what they do with verve, passion and style they simply don’t give you, or themselves, enough time to have fun

Dodd Ferrelle - Lonely Parades

cheerful guitar solos, a handful of slide guitar, toe-tapping drum beats and the occasional bit of violin for extra polish

The Burns Unit - Rock Bottom

a big, red and white stripey deckchair of an album

The Brownies - Ourknife Yourback

The Brownies are a loud little four piece that like to thrash around and wail quite a bit.

Wendy McNeill – A Dreamer’s Guide to Hardcore Living

Top LP this, what with the highly attractive vocal parts, and the brilliantly simple instrumentation.

Paddy Steer – Dragon’s Breath

Okay, let’s get this straight. This dude, Paddy Steer, has sat around in Levenshulme for nigh on 20 years and amalgamated a set of wibbling, erratic, incidental chamber music...

Believo! - Radical Myths

 A highly enjoyable slab of screaming (well, high pitched) thrash pop, this record.

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