Issue 53

Wild Beasts - Two Dancers

Hayden Thorpe’s wrought vocal is likely to be the deciding factor in an appreciation of the band, his unearthly delivery occupying the middle-ground, somewhere between Noel Coward and Billy Mackenzie.

Slaraffenland - We're on Your Side

...this band are at their best when they allow their music to sound crystalline, akin, say, to seeing refracted light through a prism.

Sub071 3 Year Punk Party

The singer looked completely off his head, part Admiral de Ruyter, part bricklayer.

The Def-A-Kators -Texan Redneck with a Big Cock

Now imagine, in a parallel, slightly more warped universe, Texan Redneck with a Big Cock would be the soundtrack LP for the Breakfast Club. Think on.

Clues – Clues

As usual the patchwork, “home-made” artwork so favoured by our North Atlantic cousins manages to give precisely fuck all away as to who played what; but suffice to say, it’s a guitar-based LP.

The Coathangers – Scramble

Stop Stomp Stompin’ is Read it In Books for underage Harpies addicted to sweets.

The Intelligence – Fake Surfers

Titles like I Hear Depression aren’t exactly the sort of thing to play to girls chewing gum, but they’re still great. This particular number sounds as if Depeche Mode have been transported back to 1963...

The Kellies, and My Vanity Project 21/07/09, Sub071, Leiden

A quick note; men, take note please, wearing stuff like three quarter length camo pants, sporty tops and baseball caps makes you all look like huge school kids. Stop it.

The Clean – Mister Pop

with tracks like In the Dreamlife I Need a Rubber Soul they must at least have heard the Loft back in 1985…

Myra Davies – Cities and Girls

Get a fabulous and intelligent spoken word artist in Myra Davis and team her up with Gudrun Gut and Alexander Hacke and you get something as witty and engaging as Cities and Girls.

Foreign Born – Person to Person

At first I was thinking it was just exercise is raiding the Arcade Fire’s patent; (you know, slightly pompous flourishes and use of far too many diverse instruments, oh and that feeling that things even at their most passionate are never far away from being, well… academic)...

Nisennenmondai – Destination Tokyo

If you’re in the mood for something trippy, edgy and experimental in a lo-fi way, then you’d do worse than give this record a spin.

James Yorkston and the Big Eyes Family Players - Folk Songs

This could be one of those gateway LP’s allowing the folkie ingénue into a veritable Narnia of treasured recordings.


4 Women No Cry - Volume 3

My Lord, what a great LP this is. The title is pretty self-explanatory, 4 young ladies are drawn from different parts of the planet to showcase their individual talents, one after the other.

And the Bloody Hand - Yankee Merzbild

The LP is a reflective series of soundscapes dealing with composer Melvin Wevers’ trip to the USA in 2006 and not surprisingly has the feeling of a documentary soundtrack to it.

My Vanity Project - A Father A Son and an Idiot

Despite the jocular inner sleeve artwork, and the odd moment of noodling around with the odd minor chord, there’s something very alien and angry about this LP.

The Paperchase – Some Day This Could All Be Yours Vol.1

Pretentious and gloomy is generally right up my cul de sac.

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