Katadreuffe, Spoelstra, Naive Set, Patronaat, Haarlem 5/4/14

Some people came in from the main hall to catch Karadreuffe. Why, I don’t know. Maybe they thought their deodorant & Lush product scene was also happening in the café… well more fool they!

Katadreuffe – Malconfort

You may laugh when I suggest that it’s a poppy record but I really think it is; you can get into this and dance to it, it’s Iron Maiden, served up for Kafka fans.

Le Mini Who? Utrecht, Saturday, 30/11/13

So imagine me drawing a shiny sun and a green field getting ploughed up by a bloody great big tank with “heavy metal groove” written on the side. Katadreuffe were that good. Savvy?

Katzwijm Presenteert: - Dress, Katadreuffe, Zea - Next to Jaap Studios, Voorhout 15/10/11

In fact Dress, (and maybe these unprepossessing Bollenstreekers don’t know this), with their widescreen soundscapes and tales of agro-industrial pyscho/socio dramas sound very trendy indeed:

Katadreuffe – Quel Gargantua!

It’s a long time I heard any band so wound up and truculent, to be honest.

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