Retro Retry 2: Another Another Green World

...the collective urge to turn these reflective, carefully constructed instrumentals and slices of ambient avant garde pop into something more hedonistic, urban, chippy and “in yer face” is fairly overwhelming.

Incendiary talk to Spoelstra

The 10" is made from polycarbonate, a form of plastic actually. Only 50 copies exist and they were hand made in New Zealand..

Spoelstra – The Almighty Internet

Spoelstra’s debut LP is a marvellous thing, if only for its utter refusal to do anything it doesn’t want.

Spoelstra / Katadreuffe SUB071, Leiden 12/01/10

By the end things get quite giddy; and a cheering circle of similarly manic individuals urge the Loki-like presence to make just a few more ridiculous electronic squeals before bedtime..

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