Issue 64

Subroutine Connects: O’Ceallaigh’s & Kult, Groningen 14/01/10

The Irish bar O’Ceallaigh’s was so packed the only way to tell who was playing was by finding out who was holding an instrument.

Fionn Regan - The Shadow Of An Empire

a big, bolshy collection of steel guitars and shit-kicking drum beats

The Drums - Summertime

Go whistle.

Everybody Was in The French Resistance...Now - Fixin' the Charts Volume 1

feels like a holiday romance

de Vries - Death To God

possibly the greatest Manchester album never to have been made in Manchester

Incendiary sit down for a while with Tom McRae

You spend the first five years trying desperately not to fail and fuck up and you spend the rest of your career desperately trying to find ways to fuck up, because that’s where it gets good.

Way To Blue - The Songs Of Nick Drake -Dome Concert Hall, Brighton, 21/1/10

Robyn Hitchcock is his usual dry, surreal self, and has me and my friend in tears when, having already sung a couple of tunes, picks up a guitar with polka dots that match his shirt perfectly..

Secret Love Parade & I Am Oak – Huiskamerconcert, Leiden 22/01/10

I’ve never been all that comfortable with the bands in a living room idea, as it reminds me of all those dreadful parties I went to when I was a teenager.

These New Puritans – Hidden

...utilising the Cluedo Method of music analysis, These New Puritans might well be The Klaxons, in the library, with the bassoon..

Spoelstra – The Almighty Internet

Spoelstra’s debut LP is a marvellous thing, if only for its utter refusal to do anything it doesn’t want.

Katadreuffe – Quel Gargantua!

It’s a long time I heard any band so wound up and truculent, to be honest.

Emma Pollock – The Law of Large Numbers

This is classic pop record in a fine and noble Scots tradition.

Gigi – Maintenant

I could go on and on, but I’d just say that if you like classic pop, get this.

Citay – Dream Get Together

Citay have a lot in common with Akron/Family, or so it seems, as both bands mine a tripped-out fusion of Krautrock and West Coast for their sound.

Bosque Brown – Baby

It’s easy to be lulled into thinking it’s yet another country-porch singer-songwriter release, but it’s got a wee bit more to it than that.

Lindstrøm & Christabelle – Real Life is No Cool

If you’re in the mood for some disco fun, then you should give this LP a spin, that’s for sure.

Club Radar, feat: Joensuu1685, Tivoli, Utrecht 16/01/10

Joensuu are brilliant at creating a mood, and allowing their songs to grow in stature and intensity...

Spoelstra / Katadreuffe SUB071, Leiden 12/01/10

By the end things get quite giddy; and a cheering circle of similarly manic individuals urge the Loki-like presence to make just a few more ridiculous electronic squeals before bedtime..

Subroutine Connects: O’Ceallaigh’s & Kult, Groningen 15/01/10

Accadians make inspiring music. Actually (if it were possible), they sound better than last year.

Vox Von Braun / Lost Bear; LVC, Leiden 08/01/10

The hall is filling up slowly with emaciated types with beards and fringes and hair clips. There’s soup on too.

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