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Godspunk 14

If you'd get one Godspunk comp to get out of your box to, I'd get this one, it's perfect trippe material, C17th stylee. The soundtrack to digging up Silbury hill.

Godspunk Volume 13

Every compilation seems to throw up a new verbal construct; this time we have The Ritualistic Mating Dance of the West Highland White Terrier and the Fluorescent Floating Human Eyeball (Eggnog Variant #4). And it sounds like?

Godspunk Volume 12

I’m guessing that Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld must have been a big hit on the Fylde coast. When Howl in the Typewriter start joining in with tracks like Derek’s Briefcase, you begin to note that this is the most psychedelic, most cinematic of Godspunks yet.

Godspunk Volume 11

Tuffers aside, our first signs of some naughtiness and joie de vivre come with Howl in the Typewriter’s Cheesebuger Eating American and the daft collage Chewed by Badgers.

Godspunk Volume 10

And what has happened to Howl in the Typewriter? One minute he’s railing against vaginal discharge and the sexual connotations that faeces could have and the next he’s ranting about Sciatica, whilst telling Lionel Richie to piss off. Oofph 

Godspunk Volume 9

Howl in the Typewriter – Judas Kiss

The Def-A-Kators -Texan Redneck with a Big Cock

Now imagine, in a parallel, slightly more warped universe, Texan Redneck with a Big Cock would be the soundtrack LP for the Breakfast Club. Think on.

Godspunk - Volume Seven

Blackpool’s greatest set of avant garde music poets compile yet another brilliant CD choc-full of punk & outré tunes to satisfy every taste.

Why Aren’t You Listening? – The Godspunk compilations

Thank You For Being Insane Pervert Human Being – Try Getting A Hearing Aid On The N.H.S., Shithead (Sorry If This Is Printed Upside Down)


That’s by Satan The Jesus Infek’d Needles And Blood. And it sounds like five minutes of screaming bloody madness.

Pumf Records - Godspunk Volume 6

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