The Polaroids

Letter from London. The Brits? Don't mention the Brits….

"Have you seen the titles of the songs on Morrissey's new album? Jesus, we didn't realise he was adding self-parody to his talents. They look like they've been computer generated by a website designed to poke fun at the Smiths"

Pink Hiplers

In May 2004 we sponsored a night of art and music in Leiden. Here's the evidence.

Incendiary talk to The Polaroids

"Up until now we've been a bit like a baby marsupial in its mother's pouch. You have to know when the time is right to hop out into the wide world, and we want to do that fully grown."

The Polaroids - Urban Fox

I love this EP. Standing on its own two feet, meeting the world on its own terms and almost a classic.

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