Human Billboards, Confusion, Hail: An Interview with Austin Collings

Sometimes, I’m not quite sure what the pages are in 'Myth...' They could be short stories, fractured fairytales, parables, visions or unnerving news reports or warped monologues or published scratch marks on school desks.

Riverside - Newcastle’s Legendary Alternative Music Venue

Still, despite the book’s disarming nature, the list of memories are incredible: blazing and funny descriptions of Mudhoney’s and Nirvana’s first UK gigs, the debunking of the Oasis fight incident, and wide-eyed recollections of the Pixies and Throwing Muses double header…

Cider with Roadies by Stuart Maconie

Cider with Roadies illustrates that living the life of a rock journalist isn't real life, rather a life lived through others, a life at one remove.

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed - The London Bombings

The 7/7 bombings and their failed follow up are presented as the ultimate 'blowback'. They are the price paid for a deeply flawed policy of alliances with Islamic radicals based on values of chivalry and trustworthiness, values that are fundamentally incompatible with the terrorist's way of life.

Tor - A History of German Football, by Ulrich Hesse-Lichtenberger

While fabric and cloth were prized possessions, there were flags and banners in abundance that no-one seemed to want anymore. With a bit of dexterity they could be turned into football kits once you removed the swastikas

Robert Elms: the way we wore.

When I think of 'punk' I think of Johnny Rotten sneering through 'Pretty Vacant', Elms probably thinks of the brand of shoe and make of jeans that 'real' punks wore. Hmmm... he is not winning me over is he?

Mick Wall - John Peel

I'm sure every band didn't love him or that the relationship between Peel and the bands he championed wasn't always so respectful.

Brilliant Orange - The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football by David Winner

"He vandalised cigarette ads with a giant letter K and in his temple every Saturday night, dressed as a shaman, he performed weird anti-smoking rituals while the crowd chanted ‘Bram! bram! Ugga! ugga! Bram! bram! Ugga! ugga!”"

The Dirt : Motley Crue, by Neil Strauss and the band

"I had come to discover that my favourite form of entertainment was just mixing everything and then seeing what happened to my body. " - Nikki Sixx

Scott Walker - Another Tear Falls - by Jeremy Reed

You know what, there's a lot of people in this world with very little to do and too much money to worry about doing anything really creative or constructive. People who end up writing books like this.

Days in the Life, by Jonathon Green

Everybody was a loser in that band, it was the all-time great losers' band and that's why the fans were so weird.

A Heartfelt Plea by Chris Dawson

Music Shouldn't Read Like This

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