The Kills

The Kills – Blood Pressures

Whatever the band is singing about has undoubtedly left its mark on their music. Outside of the tremendous growl summoned up in DNA, they don’t sound as armour-plated as previous.

The Kills – Midnight Boom

"Despite them spending a long time (for them) in a studio, it’s good to see the Kills not splurging out on and losing their essential ideas of how they should write and present their songs. "

The Kills, Melkweg, Amsterdam 26/04/05

"VV's look (all fringe and straight legged jeans) is quite menacing. She strides up and down the stage pausing only to hop on the monitors at the front of the stage, like some demented white witch or priestess, haranguing the crowd with mumbled incantations and vicious gestures. "

The Kills - No Wow


You'll find yourself singing odd snatches of this lp as you do the shopping or whilst sneering at passers by; its a loner's record for sure.

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