Rival Consoles

Rival Consoles - Howl

Ryan West's music is like Kingsley Amis's great quote about boozing and having fun; "I want more than my fair share before anyone else has had theirs".

Incendiary talk to Robert Raths and Ryan West from Erased Tapes

I’m trying to protect the artists on the label, and the listeners for Erased Tapes from that, from that mono-world.

Incendiary talk to Erased Tapes and Rival Consoles

I just want to sign music that can make me feel something.

Haldern Pop Day Two - 12/8/11

The tent was, quite literally, bouncing for Rival Consoles and Incendiary cut some rug in a fashion not seen in quite a while.

Rival Consoles – IO

IO is a great mix of no-nonsense simple arrangements and moments of, well pop glory.

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