Issue 63

The Back Catalogue of Supergrass

If only all bands were this much fun.

Franz Ferdinand & The Cribs - Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam - 22/11/2009

Tonight they came, they played and they conquered the flat lands again.

The Kabeedies - Rumpus

a mess of teenage angst, lust and pop culture references

Hey Young Believer - Invisible By Day

They've thrown everything into the mix, good, bad and indifferent.

Lullwater - Forest For The Trees

The next Goo Goo Dolls.

The Parlour Steps - The Hidden Names

There are more hooks in here than in a butcher's freezer

Morningbell - Sincerely, Severely

Morningbell are obviously trying to be seven different bands at the same time but they pull it off, somehow.

The Steals - Static Kingdom

If you think graveyards make interesting holiday destinations then you’ll definitely love this album.

Or, The Whale - Or, The Whale

It'll make you want to throw your head back and forth in the way Neil Young does when playing an extended guitar solo

Incendiary speak to Wild Beasts

Violence is certainly a fascination of mine. I think it is an obsession in art in general.

Charlotte Hatherley – New Worlds

A top LP, beautifully crafted and brimful of intelligence. And, just like everything the Lady Hath has done, ensure you get it.

Le Loup – Family

This is a country moods easy listening album; albeit one made by people who have sat in a barn dropping acid

Vivian Girls – Everything Goes Wrong

This record fizzes and pops, and has the same tough, spiky, weird gaucheness that Lush had...

Githead – Landing

Somehow Githead have made a seminal drone-rock LP without breaking sweat.

Isbells – S/T

An undemanding listen if you are undemanding, and sympathetic presence if you are looking for something more.

The Brilliant Colors – Introducing

For one who remembers C86 & C87 in all its happily underachieving slapdash glory, this is the perfect reminder.


Greg Davis – Mutually Arising

Yet another magnificent release by Kranky, but be warned, this is not for the faint-hearted or impatient.

Lyenn – The Jollity of My Boon Companion

A marvellous, exciting release; and one that will catch you out with its pranks and surprises.

Old Canes – Feral Harmonic

We really should have brought this record to your collective attention earlier: because it’s absolutely brilliant.

Michael Hurley - Ida Con Snock

Hurley writes great songs, and his easy-going vibe sets the tone for a very enjoyable set.

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