The Bent Moustache

Seal of Quality, The Bent Moustache, Mordor Crew – SUB071 Leiden, 12/10/2012

...though the Friday nights are now a regular fixture, the new (and frankly shambolic) press operation from SUB’s new set of bookers means I never know what’s on…

The Bent Moustache – Pastures New, Seasons Turn

The Bent Moustache is without doubt a “Trickster” band but like all Tricksters, full of cunning wit and charm. Better that you’re on their side, we say.

Vox Von Braun, Bent Moustache, Bar en Boos, Leiden 14/11/09

Bar en Boos has never been the most salubrious of venues, and with good reason, being a squat bar...

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