Fuck Buttons

Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus

Primavera 2010 - Part 1

Primavera is Costa Del ATP. All your favourite edgy guitar-manglers and electro-warriors without the inherent grey drizzle of a British holiday camp.

Fuck Buttons, Health, Picture Plane – Melkweg, Amsterdam 09/10/09

...a packed Kleine Zaal, (full of people who had either found pictures of my sixth form class from 1986 and then swore unyielding fealty to the power of our collective dress sense back then, or borrowed Molly Ringwald’s cast offs en masse), testified to the sheer trendiness of the event.

Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport

I’m sure a million other reviewers will talk about the influence of Andy Weatherall’s production upon this... but there really is a startling bravura that was maybe not noticeable on Street Horrsing.

Incendiary Interview Fuck Buttons

That’s what was really noticeable with working with Andy Weatherall, the sense of space he brought to the recordings, as well as the level of detail over particular musical ideas or passages.

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