Tom McRae

Incendiary sit down for one last time with Tom McRae

Tour. Be as good as you can, night after night. Try your hardest. Work hard at it. Honour the fact that people are paying to come and see you. <--break- />

Tom McRae - De Duif, Amsterdam, 18 May 2013

There’s a lot of singing along involved at a Tom McRae concert. And humming. And whistling.

Incendiary sit down for a while with Tom McRae

You spend the first five years trying desperately not to fail and fuck up and you spend the rest of your career desperately trying to find ways to fuck up, because that’s where it gets good.

Incendiary interview Tom McRae - part one

I've been mugged before, but never at gun point. So that was interesting.

Incendiary interview Tom McRae - part two

The difference is, if I had a hit and was making loads of money, the only thing in my life that would be different than it is now is that I'd probably be wearing better jeans.

Tom McRae - King of Cards

“Hey Mr Heartbreak you're back.”

Tom McRae - All Maps Welcome

Sometimes you've just got to shut-the-fuck-up and listen.


Two nights with Tom McRae and a bit about Jesse Malin too, Amsterdam - Melkweg -


Two very different nights with similar setlists.


Tom McRae - Scum, Katwijk - 20/11/2004

"“If you don't shut up I'll play for longer!” "

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