Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand, Rats on Rafts, Paradiso Amsterdam 12/6/14

I could easily sum this gig up by saying, Franz turned up and played all their popular tracks and big singles to a packed crowd and made everyone happy. I mean that’s what they do.

Letters from Paris

For those of you who would prefer something a little more unconventional, however, here are some unexpected places to drink and listen to music:

Franz Ferdinand & The Cribs - Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam - 22/11/2009

Tonight they came, they played and they conquered the flat lands again.

Franz Ferdinand – Tonight / Blood

...a close acquaintance pointed out that listening to this LP was akin to listening to a good Duran Duran, (in the sense of imagining for a moment Duran ever actually being any good).

A Trip to the Tivoli with Franz Ferdinand.

"Best show I've seen them do since, oh hell, the first time? Probably better. Yes it's easy to be blasé about Franz Ferdinand, but they are the real deal. Wish there were more like them. "

Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better.

What with the Neanderthal drumming and the phasing effects, it could almost be the Sabs in their prime. Bloody hell, now there's a thought.

The Haldern Pop Festival 2005 - Part 1

Oh yes, that's starting to look like a tent now

Incendiary Interview Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand

Anyway I'm shit at crosswords. I just think, so what? They are too insular a pastime for me. I always preferred Scrabble because it's much more social

Bill's review of 2004

"2004 - That was the year that was. According to Bill."

A Franz Ferdinand review


How do you scalp a scalper? Ask the girls....


'This Fire' A 'Dutch history' of Franz Ferdinand

"“Christ, that's a bit Spinal Tap, many albums have you sold now, it must be going on for a million”"

Franz Ferdinand - Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam - 15/11/2004

"The sort of stuff that a young XTC alluded to but never got thanked for and a potential that could only have been reached if Pulp and The Stranglers had hit it off and had children. "

Franz Ferdinand - Paradiso


The tale of three reviewers, one band and a bottle of Incendiary fizz.

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