De Kliko's New Video - Lere Jekkie out now

De Kliko's release new video - Lere Jekkie

We at incendiary love De Kliko's and their classic Biet Het mash up of all things great in Dutch beat music. The mid 60's really is a Golden Era in Dutch pop (and maybe post war history) what with all them Deedee Pit and Mokkum Five burn ups going on all around you. AND ANYWAY! De Kliko's are fucking fun and hard rocking too.  New track, Lere Jekkie (Leather Jacket) is available below replete with a new video from them, all hand made -with hands - and shit hot for that reason alone. There's a Kliko's fest on the horizon 17th April at Patronaat in Haarlem, too. It'll be boss. BOSS.

Enough hip talk from me. Click on this fucking link and watch the hand made fucking video you hepcats.