Pop Campaign - Herzlich Willkommen!

An interesting single, Herzlich Willkommen / Schadenfreunde, is brought to our attention courtesy of Pop Campaign, a duo who flit between Glasgow & Berlin.

The main track is a charming and frothy affair, one that trips the light fantastic over some tinny and ever so gauche keyboards; which in turn do a good job in conjouring up the sort of martial insistence on "enjoying yourself" that comes with living on the continent. It's eminently danceable once you've had a few that's for sure. The b side Schadenfreunde's plinky keyboard sounds reminds me of the sounds Michael McNeil conjoured up on Simple Minds' A Soundtrack for Every Heaven back in 1982 but maybe that's just me being infected by all this insouciance. You can hear other samples of their shiny and charming pop vibe (including snippets of the single tracks) on soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/popcampaign. Interesting and fresh soundind stuff it is for sure, and we will investigate their muse further.


But most importantly, all royalties are going to Oxfam, so well worth your time and investment, regardless of our wittering, that's what we say.