Black Tarantula – S/T 

An LP comprising of surf-style instrumentals, nodding back to the Ventures or Spotnicks and maybe a touch of garage, maybe at times a touch of Syd-era Floyd (especially in some of the more florid organ runs). In any case this record is an enjoyable romp through the genre. It’s what you’d expect: (Hammond?) organ and Telecaster lock horns with some frenetic drumming. The songs also have the pre-requisite surfer/Marvel comics/leisure oriented titles: Club Med, Ride Now, Attack of the Killer Seacucumber, nothing seems unduly out of place.

The pace from the opener Rangeros Gigantos is pretty consistent throughout the LP. That is to say upbeat and restless: though we do get some cod- Middle-Eastern structure (at times) on Pachacuti, a track that also dabbles in a mild psychedelia – and Couch Surf becomes some kind of funeral march amidships. The last track The Secret of the Hidden Pencil is also worth a listen; it has a funny childish melody line at times which is at odds with the portentous nature of the rest of the song.

Good clean fun, no doubt.