Oldseed & Pino Plaza – Huiskamer concert, Jan Steen Straat Leiden 22/4/11

I’ve never seen a gig in a room with stuffed foxes before.

Now what could make an intimate concert in a tasteful living room, replete with snacks (humus no less) and drinks and nice decent music loving people go with a swing? Someone on acid? That’s right. But more of that later.

Before any intimations of strange behaviour are noted we should set the scene. I’ve never seen a gig in a room with stuffed foxes before. The concert was in an old house, replete with high leaded windows, rickety stairs and secret doors. Further accoutrements such as candles and cushions gave a feeling of slightly Bohemian comfort. The foxes added a quizzical touch. Once the audience were settled, they were treated to Pino Plaza, a quiet, thoughtful, guitar-based duo: whose songs are all about a minute long and seem to be more thought-forms than anything else. Certainly only one song was noticeable for boasting any traditional song structure.  A semi-acoustic picked out tomes and underscored some melodies. It was quirky, sometimes puzzling but nice enough and merited the polite applause.

Following Pino Plaza was Oldseed, whose records – especially The Release - are favourites of Incendiary. Oldseed is an engaging and fairly tough personality whose songs showcase what seem to be internal debates backed by some pretty fluid guitar work. A lot of personal stuff gets aired, but Oldseed isn’t one to worry about that. His muse is flexible enough to allow light and shade; his vocal range is often used as an emotional prop, without ever getting soft or mulchy. We were treated to a Scorpions cover too, which takes some doing.

It was at this point when something was noticed. A lot of giggling, a waving of hands in a very supercilious manner and (on being asked whether everyone had had a nice Easter by Oldseed) a confirmation to all and sundry that we were in the presence of God, and that touching or restraining God would confirm the “assailant” as the Evil One.  Cue an embarrassed pause, some further giggling and more sub-scriptural nonsense… until someone took the risk of instant banishment to hell by frog marching an increasingly disturbed Deity out of the door. On being thrown out, God buggered off sharpish whilst yelling to all and sundry that they had to “keep off”.  

Oldseed seemed rather perked up by this; not long later we got that Scorpions cover. God does indeed move in mysterious ways.

Pino Plaza http://www.myspace.com/pinoplaza
Oldseed http://www.myspace.com/oldseed