Incendiary lunch with Simone White

I don’t wanna be hearing someone singing words all the time on stage I want abstract and I want noise, and I realised I could do that. When I was writing I was changed by that thinking. I mean I like Throbbing Gristle and I’d say “let’s put a little gristle on the twee”

Incendiary interview BalloonMan

I think going to gigs has for some people just become a social event rather than a musical event that is there to provoke a bit of passion in people. I don’t know if it’s a sign of getting older or being more miserable but I’m sure when I used to go to gigs there was a real air of excitement in the room, a tension, with people so desperate for this band or artist to come out on stage.

Incendiary chew the cud with Space Siren

I don’t wanna be a member of a club that wants me as a member. I never had the feeling that I wanna be part of something. I wanna be part of my band and I love my band members and that’s a scene on its own.

Incendiary go for a drink with April and New YX

Bands seem to have a bit more lip in Holland, and not the sort of attitude that feels stereotyped or hyped, or false. They just seem more cheeky, bored of being told what a band “should” do by the apparatchiks in Hilversum, more up for having their own brand of having “a laugh and a say”.

Incendiary speak to Mueran Humanos

I regard lyrics as spells, that start working when you forget their meaning.

Incendiary sit down & eat scones with Henk and Melle

We discussed this some time ago, why erm doesn’t a Dutch band has the oomfph which American and English bands have, They are very serious about what they do, but in Holland it’s always… “rechtvaardig te maken wat je doet”. You can put a kind of a cabaret around it to cover your emotions.

Incendiary chat to Will Sergeant of Echo and the Bunnymen about his art

In all art or music there is a line backwards to some other movement that influences the next movement. In the music world  this is very obvious. I see a line far back in music to cavemen hitting two stones together to make a sound and another caveman hears this and thinks to himself "that sounds good, I wonder what two sticks will sound like"? Fast forward a few thousand years and we have Beethoven, Mozart, Beatles and Gaga.

Incendiary interview Eleanor Friedberger

I mean I really like the playfulness of the band, I’m totally for that, and we’re not a normal band: we don’t have a sound, we don’t sit in a room and jam like a normal band.

Incendiary speak to Codes in the Clouds

…I think we like to see the band to be something fun you do with your mates… we are fairly close knit and we like having a laugh.

Incendiary talk to Erased Tapes and Rival Consoles

I just want to sign music that can make me feel something.

Incendiary chat to Elia

We at Incendiary Towers were pretty impressed at the debut single from Elia, a new band from London. Funk-soul-flavoured pop guaranteed to get your feet moving. So we gave frontman Elia Rulli a call:

Incendiary speak to Adi Newton of the Anti Group and Clock DVA

The music we’re doing now, oh it’s very varied, the TAG stuff we’re doing is based on a continuation of ideas we started back in 1985 to 1988, the Meontological series

Incendiary interview Morton Valence

The problem in the music scene is that there’s too much conformity, everybody just copies everybody else in an effort to be cool, I would say being un-cool always trumps being cool as it lasts a lot longer.

Incendiary interview Thomas White

We are fucked. In five years’ time there'll be Pop Idol at the top, hobbyists at the bottom, and not much else in between. Depressing. Also true.

Incendiary interview EMA

Gender is strange. I hang out with boys a lot, and it’s still when I meet them on their level and they can’t figure it out whether they wanna fight me or fuck me. I take myself out of the equation.

Incendiary interview Oldseed

The rule in Europe is that you finish your drink BEFORE you go into a bar.  In N.A. it's the other way around.  I am always amazed that such a simple change in thinking can have such a profound effect on the people you meet.

Incendiary chow down with Wye Oak

Incendiary interview Ulrich Hesse

Incendiary text British Sea Power

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