Neneh Cherry & The Thing - The Cherry Thing

Oh dear.

The Cherry Thing - Neneh Cherry and The Thing

Oh dear. I’m sure this was a blast for Neneh and co to record. It certainly feels like an intimate, collective effort, recorded quick and fast, like a loose jazz cut capturing a special line up in a late night soho nightclub. Unfortunately, it sounds like a bunch of drivel. Cashback, the opener, is simply a mess. It says on the  sleeve that it was written by Neneh but as it revolves around a repeated phrase I think that’s pushing it somewhat. Musically, it sounds like a bunch of improvised nonsense. Even if it isn’t, it sounds like it and what they do to The Stooges’ Dirt should be locked away in a box for the safety of everyone.

I had high expectations for this. They’ve been well and truly shattered.