Three Fields – Wild Blue Yonder

This is a great EP, romantic, warm and sympathetic in its outlook.


Installed Worlds



This is a great EP, romantic, warm and sympathetic in its outlook. It’s easy to allow purely academic considerations inform this sort of music and that can be exhilarating, but now and again it’s always refreshing to hear something that specifically looks to exploit melody and harmonics.


A Distant Star is a quiet, quizzical opener that seems intent on solving some secret issue by itself. It seems to live in a world of its own. By contrast the expansive How It Rains Here is a beautiful track; an adenoidal synth sound straight from 1975 waltzes gently with a piano phrase round a deserted ballroom...  Okay you get the message, I’ll cease with the confusing (and confused) hyperbole, but it is a lovely thing. Ghost Bride slips around gracefully and Like Vortices draws from Eno and the deepest downbeat for its beautiful ethereal manner. The basic melody is hypnotic here, a shimmering combination of simple melody and warm programmed harmonics coming on like some ridiculously slowed down trance track from 1990; it slides off into the sunset like some mysterious beast. On is the most focused of the pieces thus far, the piano gently prodding the piece onwards to the ending. Transition returns the listener to outer space, with its simple and mysterious vibe.


Really enjoyed listening to this.