Saroos – See Me Not

A top album this, treading the line between scuzzy, bedroom electronica and something more textured and intense. Nothing really breaks sweat, but there’s enough charm and intelligence in the music to stop your mind wandering. The opening track Lobster Claw sets the tone: a hypnotic mantra, it never strays from a mid tempo groove and allows a lot of silly noises in on the act. Daylight Chant, for its part, attempts a marriage of a druggy eastern style mood with a bouncy beat.  Everything gets a little demented as the track dithers as to what it actually wants to do two minutes in, (that is before carrying on as before), but that’s fine, there are enough harmonics present to ensure you don’t get bored or irritable.

Fog People is a beautiful mash-up of Deutsch electronica and a dubby shuffle, with the odd wibbly melody topping things off. The bass sounds like Peter Hook’s playing and at times it sounds like a lo-fi take on Primal Scream circa Vanishing Point. It’s insouciant stuff; whereas See Me Not is a great relaxed work out, drum heavy: never really breaking sweat and aided by a nice vocal sample & melodic & purposeful guitar line.

The album highlights can be found with the last three tracks, Yukoma Tyden Divu and Outrigger; which combine some beautiful melancholy harmonies with some quiet though demented electronic noises. Each track builds subtly on what’s gone before, creating a mini suite of sorts. It’s really something special.