Moholy Nagy Like Mirage

There’s a lot of Cluster or Harmonia in there


(Temporary Residence)

Now and again you listen to something that unexpectedly stops you in your tracks.  Despite this record being a luxuriant, unassuming and a very unhurried release, it has the power to make anyone sit up and listen. There’s a lot of Cluster or Harmonia in there; the piano parts throughout are very reminiscent of Deluxe or Zuckerzeit’s more reflective moments and there are some very quiet and reflective passages (listening to tracks like Seagulls or Sunday Brunch is like watching ripples spread over a pool of water), that can demand you pay special attention; but on the whole this is a triumphant début and you need to give it your time.

The LP’s spiritual axis revolves round two brilliant moments; first is Brute Neighbours, which is a sublime Kraut-work out (replete with that wonderful, starry-eyed, “anything is possible” vibe that you encounter on records like Neu! 75 or any of La Duesseldorf’s releases) and second is the magnificently brooding and melancholy mini symphony that is Astronomy is a Natural Science, which floats around dispensing its aural balm for a good eight minutes.

Really worth your time, this release.