Labasheeda - Charity Box

they should turn the amp down from 11 on occasion


There's something going on in the flat land at the minute. I don't want to call it a scene because a) it's not and b) we're not a UK based music magazine so we don't use shitty terms like that. What is happening over here is that, somehow, beyond the realms of all possibility, Dutch bands are starting to get it right. They're really starting to break away from wanting to be the next (insert current top indie band name of choice here) and instead are trying to develop their own sound. Labasheeda, I'm glad to say are one such band. They're not quite up there with De Nieuwe Vrolijkheid's madness just yet, but boy do they make a good racket.


They're based in Amsterdam but the drummer is Italian and the bass player is American, so there's a mix of cultures going on in more ways than one here. You could probably describe them as Holland's answer to The Duke Spirit, with more Sonic Youth references than Velvet Underground ones. There's still an electric violin sweeping around every now and again though, so that description still works somewhat.


If I've a criticism, it's that the songs tend to blend into one another. Also, they could do with holding back a little now and again. This isn't a very subtle album. It smashes, grinds, wails, moans and screeches throughout its nine songs, but that's not as bad as it sounds.


If you're a fan of Sonic Youth, and similarly minded noise merchants, then you'll find a lot to welcome you here. If they want to become a bigger force to be reckoned with, however, Labasheeda may well have to turn the amp down from 11 on occasion. Still, there's enough to keep you interested here.


Words: Damian Leslie