Handsome Furs – Sound Kapital

Sounding like The Boss also seems to be all the rage at the moment.

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Incendiary likes Handsome Furs a lot. And we can report that whilst not reaching the heights of their last record, Sound Kapital is a pretty mean beast in parts.

It starts off at a cracking pace: When I Get Back is a thumping opener, prowling around its allotted minute’s airtime full of menace and invective. The sound is glossy, dark and brittle in places, the music conjures up images of being confined in a room with the blinds down, or driving in a car with tinted windows. It’s all a wee bit paranoid and stretched thin; the song titles (Damage, Bury Me Standing, What About Us?) reinforce this feeling.

There are some big tunes: this is aspiring to be a big, anthemic release; and there are some cracking confident, well assembled songs here, such as Message of the Future. It’s a shame the vocals couldn’t be a little less impassioned in places; (it does seem as if this declaiming, sweating into the mic style is a band trademark, one to be held onto at all costs). Sounding like The Boss also seems to be all the rage at the moment...  And one does want something more subtle, or nuanced in the slower tracks in the middle section now and again, they just seem a little lost after the initial barrage.


Still, things pick up considerably with the blistering Cheap Music and the last track No Feelings, which slowly combusts in a squall of feedback.

Enjoyable stuff.